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Head of Department: Dr. Tibor Bartha
Head of Secretariat: Noémi Szabó
Educational officer: Szajbertné Nagy Krisztina

phone: (+36-1) 478-4248
    Contact for students: (+36-1) 478-4248
    Physiology: (+36-1) 478-4163
    Biochemistry: (+36-1) 478-4157
Fax: (+36-1) 478-4165
Postal address: P. O. Box 2.
Budapest, 1400
Contact address: István u. 2.
Budapest, 1078
Main scheduled dates and tests/exam results are announced via e-mail. Therefore, students are kindly asked to give their e-mail address. Should your e-mail address change, please notify Mrs. Krisztina Szajbertné Nagy. Please note that all e-mailed data are only for information. The official announcements are placed on the message board at the main gate of building C. The webpage of the department and the e-mails are not considered to be the official way of communication. The department is not liable for web page or e-mail malfunctions or any unavailable electronic information. Students must not refer to any kind of web page status as an excuse for missing obligations. Missing e-mails cannot be arguments, either.

Should you have any questions please don' t hesitate to contact us.