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Major research fields

  • Immunology research
    (V.L. Frenyó DVM, PhD)
  • Endocrinology research
    (T. Bartha DVM, PhD, DSc; A. Zsarnovszky DVM, PhD; V. Somogyi MS; D. S. Kiss MS; I. Tóth DVM)
  • Metabolic Biochemistry Research Group
    (Zs. Neogrády DVM, PhD; G. Mátis DVM; Á Kenéz DVM)

The infrastructure of the research

  • Radioisotope Laboratory
    Building C, floor 2
    B-level isotope work permitted
  • Cell Laboratory
    Maintaining cell lines, preparing cell cultures
    Building C, floor 2: Lymphoid cell cultures
    Building C, floor 1: Central nervous tissue cell cultures
    Building C, ground floor: Ruminal epithelial cell cultures
  • Molecular Biology Laboratory
    Building C, floor 2
    Immunological, endocrinological and physiological studies using molecular biological methods
  • ELISA Laboratory
    Building C, floor 2
    Routine hormone measurements
  • RIA Laboratory
    Building C, floor 1
    Routine hormone measurements
  • Image analysis laboratory
    Building C, floor 1
  • HPLC Laboratory
    Building C, ground floor
    Separation of biologically active substances (hormones and metabolites)