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Informing students

The department informs students about ongoing teaching activities on the information board by the entrance door and through the department's homepage. Main scheduled dates and tests/exam results are announced via e-mail. The official announcements are placed on the message board at the main gate of building C. The webpage of the department and the e-mails are not considered to be the official way of communication. The department is not liable for web page or e-mail malfunctions or any unavailable electronic information. Students must not refer to any kind of web page status as an excuse for missing obligations. Missing e-mails cannot be arguments, either.

Please pay attention to these announcements because there is no way to resolve problems that may arise if they are disregarded.

Please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.

Organized consultations for groups and individuals can also be arranged provided that a date and time has been arranged in advance. We suggest arranging a consultation with the lecturer or the instructor of the topic in question. Please prepare for these consultations thoroughly so that really difficult questions can be adequately discussed.